Broadway Medical Centre E-mail Policy

E-mails are a great way for us to communicate. We are happy to use email at Broadway to:

  • Follow up on a consultation.
  • Provide laboratory test and x-ray results.

  • Recall patients for scheduled tests.

  • Respond to requests for repeat medication for patients who have stable medical conditions, and have seen their doctor within the proceeding 6 months (This can be done via the online prescription request form on our website)

We DO NOT make appointments via email.

Patient's attending the surgery take priority over e-mails. It may take up to three working days for you to receive a reply to your e-mail, so e-mail should not be used for urgent messages.

 If your request is urgent then please phone reception.

We never use e-mail to diagnose or manage acute conditions. If you are unwell and looking for advice then you should phone reception to book in to see a doctor or nurse. Our nurses do provide phone triage ie they can advise you over the phone as to whether you need to be seen urgently by the doctor.

There is a small risk that e-mail communication may not be secure ie that confidential information is sent to the wrong person, or that someone else has access to your computer and e-mails. We have strict internet security but will only communicate with you by email if you are prepared to accept this risk. By e-mailing us you indicating that you accept the terms outlined above.

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