Face-to-Face Appointments: Red or Green Stream

Face-to-Face Appointments:

Red or Green Stream

When you phone us for an appointment Reception staff will be asking you several questions before they can organise an appointment for you. Reception staff can book a phone or video consult for you.

All urgent appointment requests or requests for a face-to-face appointment will first need to be assessed by a clinician. Reception is not at liberty to book face-to-face appointments. They will however ask questions to help our clinicians triage your situation appropriately.

If you do have a face-to-face appointment at the practice, you will have been informed where in the practice you will be seen. We have a red stream and a green stream. Green stream is the normal front door entrance on the right of the building which will be opened if you knock on the door. The Red stream is in the recently added cabin-building on the far left of the building. If you have an appointment in the Red stream, we ask that you do not come to the front door but phone the number we send to you in a text, before leaving your car. Further instructions on what to do will be given on the phone.

Whichever stream you are asked to go be assured that we have extensive cleaning procedures in place. We continue doing our utmost to keep you and your whanau as safe as we can in all streams.