COVID-19 Positive Case Australian Traveller

A traveller from Sydney, who visited Wellington from Saturday 19 June until Monday 21 June, has tested positive for COVID-19 upon their return to Australia.

COVID-19 Positive Case Australian Traveller

Advice if you were in Wellington

Wellingtonians and visitors to Wellington last weekend are urged to check the Ministry of Health website (link below) and continue checking throughout the day.

The visitor was in Wellington from Saturday 19 June until Monday 21 June.

People who have been at locations of interest (link below) at the relevant time should immediately isolate at their home or accommodation and contact Healthline for advice on testing.

At this stage, 4 close contacts have been identified and are isolating.

Passengers in New Zealand who flew on the following flights should also immediately isolate at their home or accommodation, and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice on testing and isolating:

  • Sydney to Wellington — QF163 (Qantas): Departed Sydney Friday 18 June 7:05 pm (AEST), arrived Wellington Saturday 19 June 00:12 am (NZST).
  • Wellington to Sydney — NZ247 (Air New Zealand): departed Wellington Monday 21 June 10:13 am (NZST), arrived Sydney Monday 21 June 11:33 am (AEST).

Australian health authorities will be contacting those on the return flight to Sydney to provide advice about testing and isolation.

Public health officials have said that based on the time of their symptom onset and CT score, it is most likely the visitor contracted the virus in Sydney before their visit to New Zealand.  

Genome sequencing is underway in Australia to see if the case is linked to the current outbreak in Sydney.

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