Health Information & Privacy

All health information obtained by the Doctors and staff at the medical centre during your care is confidential. 

Sometimes relevant information may be shared with other health professionals whom you are referred to for health care. The privacy code means we are unable to disclose any health information to other family members without permission of the patient.

Under the provisions of the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 you have the right to access health information about you collected and held at the medical centre and the right to request correction of that information.

For information regarding our Website Privacy Policy click here.

If you would like to view the Broadway Medical Centre Privacy Policy click here. (A full copy including appendixes can be viewed at Broadway Medical Centre)

If you would like  to find out more information about our Privacy Policy then you may phone and ask to speak to the Privacy Officer who will be able to help, or  for more information regarding the Health Information and Privacy Code visit the Office of the Privacy Commisioner website:

Privacy Commisioner