Test Results

When ordering a test or investigation the clinician advises the patient how they will find out the results. This discussion is documented in the patient record in Medtech Evolution if significant or outside normal practice.

At Broadway Medical Centre:

  • Patients are contacted with all significant test results or if any follow-up is needed.
  • Patients are contacted with the results of urgent tests as soon as possible.
  • Patients are advised of positive HIV test results in person.
  • Casual patients are encouraged to contact their own clinician for results.
  • Warfarin anticoagulant patients are advised to phone the practice by the end of the same working day for their INR results and warfarin anticoagulent dosage advice.
  • Patients are welcome to phone the nurse regarding their results.

If the result is clinically significant, the ordering clinician is responsible for contacting the patient or tasking a practice nurse to do so.

Contact patient BEFORE filing results on Medtech Evolution. Once filed, the patient will be able to access the results via ManageMyHealth (if they are registered at the time of filing).