Cervical Screening has never been easier!

HPV testing will be the primary cervical screening test from 12 September 2023


1. Eligible participants are women and people with a cervix aged 25 – 70 years (or up to 74 years for those who have never been screened or are under screened)

2. Participants have the choice of two cervical screening options:

  • HPV vaginal swab test, either with a self-test or assisted by a nurse or GP
  • HPV test on a cervical specimen – previously referred to as a smear test – taken by a nurse or GP

3. The screening interval (time between tests) will increase from three years to five years for most people returning normal results (that is, HPV negative/not detected). People with immune deficiency will be tested three yearly

4. Funding has been made available to provide free cervical screening for some groups, including:

  • Women and people with a cervix aged 30 years and over who are unscreened (never had a test), or under screened (haven’t had a test in the past five years) 
  • Māori and Pasifika
  • Community Service Card holders
  • Anyone who requires follow-up testing

For further important information on the changes to HPV Screening in General Practice, please read one of the below helpful pamphlets:

For further information on screening, please visit: Time to Screen

If you have any further questions, please feel free to phone and speak to one of our practice nurses.