Home Visit Policy 

BMC does not routinely offer home visits as part of their normal services.

Due to resource constraints within our practice, we are unable to provide home visits outside of the local Dunedin City area to a maximum of 6 kms away from the practice.

The following criteria must be met for a home visit: 

  • Patient is a regular patient of the practice and has been seen in the last 12 months.
  • Patient resides in a location that is within six (6) kilometres of the practice.
  •  The GP deems the home visit essential, safe and within reason.
  • The patient is funded under palliative care or residential care.
  •  The patient’s condition prevents them from traveling to the practice or their condition may deteriorate because of traveling to the practice. 
  • That the visit is non-urgent.


To request a home visit please call the practice and provide reception staff with explanatory details.

All home visits will be preceded with a telehealth consultation with a clinician. It will be at the GP’s discretion if a home visit is required.

Costs for a home visit will generally start at $125.- and up to $250.-, depending on the situation
and available funding.