MMR Vaccine Supply

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The MMR vaccine shortage continues, though the situation has eased a little to what it previously was.

Priority groups for MMR vaccination are as follows:
  1. Individuals aged < 18 years who have not had two doses of MMR
  2. Infants aged 15 months and 4 years who are due their routine MMR as per the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule
  3. Babies aged 6-14 months travelling to Auckland or any country currently considered "high risk" (phone the Practice Nurse to inquire, or arrange a GP appointment for your baby to discuss if early MMR vaccination is recommended)
  4. Individuals < 50 years old who do not have documented evidence of two doses of MMR, and who are travelling from New Zealand to Samoa, Tonga, Philippines and Fiji (or any country that has an active outbreak of Measles - check with the Practice Nurse or your GP) 
  5. Over 50's:  you don't need an immunisation as measles used to be very common, which means people over the age of 50 are considered immune.
NOTE:  Travel-related vaccination needs to happen at least TWO WEEKS prior to travel in order to be effective.

Ministry of Health website

Immunisation Advisory Centre website