Teen/Young Adult Transition Support

Next Steps Programme

  • Transitioning from the educational system to the next phase of life can be overwhelming for teenagers and young adults. That's why we've launched Next Steps, a FREE support programme designed specifically for this pivotal moment.

With Next Steps, you'll gain access to:

  • Personalised guidance from our team of experts.
  • Support in building confidence, mental resilience, and healthy routines.
  • Practical assistance in tackling employment-related challenges and accessing essential resources.

Health Improvement Practitioner:

  • Helps identify life goals and aspirations.
  • Identifies barriers to achieving goals and provides strategies to overcome them.
  • Supports in building mental health, confidence, and resilience.

Health Coach:

  • Assists in establishing healthy routines conducive to employment, including sleep patterns and physical activity.
  • Provides personalised guidance on nutrition and lifestyle habits for optimal well-being.
  • Offers ongoing support to maintain healthy habits and address challenges.

Community Support Worker:

  • Assists in practical matters such as obtaining driver's licenses, exploring transportation options, and accessing training programs.
  • Provides resources and referrals for education, employment, and vocational training opportunities.
  • Offers personalised support to address individual needs and navigate community services.

Don't let uncertainty hold you back! Join us on the journey to discovering your path forward.

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